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Travel Intuition - Why the fee saves the frustration

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Time is money, so why waste it trying to research and book travel via the web. The booking fees charged by travel companies offer far greater value in return. Complete service, convenience, peace of mind and above all, the lowest travel rates. Eliminate the headaches and cut your travel costs overall.

Web bookings – an assessment

Inside the cost-conscious world of academia, many of us have looked to web bookings with a view that they are faster, cheaper and fee free.

The first fact is that many web bookings do incur fees. The second fact is that the cheapest web fares/rates can actually have the highest fees.

If you closely analyse web fares, you will discover that more competitive fares can come from a travel management company (TMC) with strong supplier relationships and innovative technology.

Why TMCs + fees save you more

As an academic travel specialist, Campus Travel gives you far greater service and cost-saving benefits than any web booking. Herein lies the value of the booking fee. When you determine the full value of the benefits outlined below, it is clear that the best overall savings – booking fees included – are the product of TMCs, not web bookings.

Travel companies give you the cost and service advantage in the following ways.

1. Best fares/rates of the day (BFOD)

Travel websites often spruik the lowest rates. But how can you be confident that they are the lowest when you do not have access to every available rate or fare? TMCs like Campus Travel specifically negotiate rates for academia, which you will not find on any website. We also have the technology to source BFOD on every booking. We can access an extensive product inventory in real time, and immediately identify the best rates and fares to suit your trip.

2. Additional savings

As a niche academic travel specialist, Campus Travel has the relationships to deliver even greater cost reductions on your travel. We can negotiate special rates for your industry and in some cases, even lower than BFOD, including conference rates. If your university or college makes all your bookings through us, your total booking volume grows and we can negotiate even higher discounts.

3. Productivity gains

It makes no sense to be unproductive with your time when we know your industry, understand your needs and can take care of your travel for you. Our task is to make your bookings and manage your travel so you can focus on your research and education. It can take us only minutes to organise bookings and other travel requirements that can take you hours. By putting your travel in our hands, you are saving time and improving your productivity while knowing you have the best rates.

4. Support and duty of care

In an emergency situation, duty of care to your travellers is paramount. You need to be pragmatic and informed about major incidents and crises that occur worldwide. You also need peace of mind and support for your travellers and your organisation, should they become caught in an emergency.

Web bookings can be unforgiving in these situations, with no crisis updates, refunds, or assistance. Campus Travel, however, provides emergency assistance 24/7 and our support is local – not call centre based. If your travellers are stranded in another country or need a last-minute booking, you can rely on Campus Travel for complete support.

5. Total compliance

By making every booking through Campus Travel, you are helping to achieve full compliance with your organisation’s travel policy. This is the roadmap to continuous savings. Your bookings are made with preferred suppliers and within the parameters of your organisation, which reduces cost leakage. Web bookings, on the other hand, can take you off policy and off tangent from your travel savings plan.

6. Reporting and insight

The technology used by Campus Travel not only gives you access to BFOD and negotiated private fares. It also allows you to regularly run reports on your travel activity and spend, so you can keep an accurate check on your expenses per trip and as a whole. With reporting, you can compare your costs from one month or year to the next, and target the areas you need to tighten up. This can improve your cost control and produce greater savings in your travel. Campus Travel gives you this advantage at no additional charge.

7. Complete and educated service

Campus Travel provides end-to-end service underpinned by travel insight and intelligence. While we can assist you with excellent rates, bookings and emergency support, we are your advisors across all aspects of travel. We guide you on everything from routes and schedules, to hotel and transfer options, to latest industry developments. We help you organise your visas, foreign exchange and insurance. We also educate you in a wide range of areas, including online booking tool usage and frequent flyer redemptions.

By working with us, all aspects of your travel are managed with a planned, cost-saving approach, making the small service fee worth its weight in gold.

The final critique

When you consider the benefits of hard dollar savings, service and support, you can immediately see that by booking with a TMC rather than the web, you’re ahead. Even after you pay a booking fee, you’re still ahead.

The web may seem all too easy to make your travel booking. Yet it will never give you the overall value or service quality of an academic travel specialist.

The end result is that there are savings in the booking fee and all the solutions a travel company offers you.


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