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Travel InTuition - The true cost of web bookings

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Booking your travel via the Internet can be perceived as the easiest way of making bookings and snaring the best rates. But is it really saving you?

Why the web is not always ‘real’

The actual cost of making travel bookings on supplier websites can be far greater than you think. Here’s three key reasons why:

  1. Not all available fares are displayed on the Internet. In fact specifically negotiated academic fares and rates are not advertised on public websites.
  2. If travel plans change, you can not only forego flights and room nights, but incur the cost of having to book and pay for them all over again. At the very least, you will probably have to pay penalty fees.
  3. Don’t forget the soft cost of your time spent trawling the Internet to find what you believe to be the best rates. Time is money and it all adds up.

How to strike better savings + service benefits

Working with Campus Travel assures you of the most competitive rates and fares, time savings, online tools, and all round service including 24/7 support. To follow is a summary of how we can measurably improve the time and cost effectiveness of your travel.

  • Academic fares and rates – Campus Travel negotiates academic airfares and hotel and car hire rates that are available only to your industry and are often the best available. We also use multi-sourcing platforms that search the largest range of domestic and international airfares.
  • Time savings – Campus Travel can take as little as five minutes to complete a point-to-point booking, while you might easily spend half an hour or more surfing the web. We can book flights, cars and hotels in one transaction, keeping your travel seamless and efficient.
  • Online booking solutions – We offer you the convenience of an online booking tool that allows you to instantly view the best fares available for every trip. You can also organise your flights, accommodation and car hire in the same booking – saving you substantial time and fuss.
  • Less room for error - As Campus Travel has the ability to hold seats (generally not an option if you book via the Internet), itineraries are audited by our consultants before your booking is confirmed and payment made.
  • International knowledge – Campus Travel consultants are international airfare construction experts, skilled in all aspects of complex international itineraries at the best prices.
  • Peace of mind – Campus Travel gives you 24-hour worldwide emergency assistance and traveller security services, should your travellers be heading to any areas where there is a degree of risk.
  • Consolidated reporting - Campus Travel can provide you with consolidated reporting that details all travel expenditure and pinpoints room for improvement.
  • After-sale support - Our consultants are readily available to assist you with any changes or additional details that need to be added to bookings.
  • Flexibility – Campus Travel provides far more service flexibility than Internet bookings, which often have limitations on changes allowed, waitlisting, complex itineraries, fare rules and payment methods.
  • Complete service - Campus Travel can take care of all travel needs, including air, hotel, car, transfers, rail, tours, insurance and visas. We will also provide you with important travel information that may not be supplied if you book via a website.

The benefits of working with Campus Travel clearly exceed those of booking on the Internet. We give you personal, one-to-one attention with educated travel advice, when and where you need it. We give you access to the widest and smartest choice of travel suppliers and options, so you know your end product represents value. When you book using the Internet you are on your own, in a world where the best options can elude you and where lowest price is rarely a guarantee.


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