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Travel Intuition - Travel intelligence in a crisis

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What happens when you travel plans are unhinged by forces out of your control? It largely depends on how you make your bookings. You can either negotiate with airlines yourself, or be a ‘smart traveller’ and let your travel management company (TMC) get you back in the air sooner.

Within the past decade alone, volcanic activity, extreme weather conditions, strike action, terrorism, world health issues and political turmoil have all affected air travel on a massive scale. And in every case, travellers have endured tortuous delays, uncertainty and exhaustion.

Those who manage their own travel bookings via supplier websites are left to deal with airlines themselves. Conversely, travellers who make the intelligent choice of using a TMC can leave the endless search for available seats, the lengthy phone calls and the negotiation in their capable hands. And as part of their organisation’s duty of care, their team back at head office will be kept informed of their location.

Welcome to Campus Travel’s MATT Logistics

Campus Travel provides specialist traveller security based on the following four services:


We have a global monitoring hub that proactively scans for the latest global news and intelligence from the world’s leading sources, receiving real-time news as it breaks in every region. We keep our finger on the pulse of critical incidents worldwide, including those with the potential to escalate and affect your travellers.

  • 24/7 monitoring of incidents worldwide
  • identification of major global crises, high-risk local crises and emerging incidents


We alert our clients to crisis situations, and advise of significant issues with the potential to become crises over ensuing days.

  • e-alerts issued direct to your business, immediately an incident is identified


In the event of a major incident (and provided your booking was made through us), our sophisticated reporting abilities enable us to immediately supply a passenger location report. This provides detailed information about the location of your travellers. We also contact the travellers themselves to discuss alternative options that will best suit them, and re-book their travel.

  • access to your travellers' data to determine their location instantly
  • confirmation provided to your business asap
  • hassle-free changes to your travel bookings


Our team will assist you with any necessary rescheduling of flights, hotel bookings etc. Should you require specialist rescue services, Campus Travel supplies data feeds to a number of leading SOS providers and will connect you with the one that best meets your needs.

  • assistance with coordination of emergency transfer services if required


The following Campus Travel case studies demonstrate how working with us provides critical and unmatched support in times of crisis.

Icelandic volcano highlights the stark differences

The situation

When volcanic ash from Iceland affected air travel throughout northern Europe in April 2010, hundreds of Campus Travel clients were left stranded on the continent. Clients including a Professor from the University of Queensland tried every possible avenue to get home to Australia. Stranded in Vienna, the Professor was a Platinum Club member and booked to fly Business Class with his preferred carrier. After contacting the airline and its London office, as well as codeshare airlines, Vienna airport, his frequent flyer program and the University’s insurance company, he was no closer to a solution. The Professor was left with conflicting information, no returned calls, and serious sleep deprivation.

Campus in action

The Professor’s Campus Travel Manager was the one and only person from the travel industry to contact him in the midst of the crisis. For all Campus clients, our travel managers proactively ran reports to identify the affected travellers and their locations. For those who had been unsuccessful securing flights home, we provided details on the most viable options and routes back to Australia, researched schedules and seat availability, and managed their itinerary changes. New bookings were successfully made for every traveller who needed them.

Strike action opens new doors

The situation

While a Campus Travel client from Adelaide University was travelling within Europe, the Paris to London flight he was due to board within the next five days was cancelled. The Paris flight was important as it would connect our client with his return flight from Heathrow to Australia.

Campus in action

Our Campus Travel Manager, who had been monitoring news about impending strike action by the airline, contacted our client as soon as she was aware of the cancellation. She immediately researched alternative travel, cost and schedule options to ensure our client could return to London and meet his connecting flight. Our client was presented with two alternatives – a booking with a different airline that still had available seats, or a booking on Eurostar. Our Travel Manager also advised him to keep all receipts so Campus Travel could organise a refund on his return. Our client was able to make an informed decision and book Eurostar using his corporate card. He connected with his return flight to Australia and arrived home safely.


How our MATT Logistics can help you

Benefits for your academic staff...

  • enhanced personal safety
  • assurance that your organisation is doing everything to protect them
  • fast relocation from a dangerous or potentially dangerous area
  • hassle-free changes to travel bookings
  • access to 24/7 emergency assistance
  • greater control of the situation
  • able to get on with their work, faster and easier.

Benefits for your organisation...

  • immediate knowledge of your travellers’ location (provided the booking is made through us)
  • confidence that your organisation is upholding its duty of care and providing a 24/7 ‘safety net’ for travellers
  • the foresight to move your people before a situation escalates
  • improved compliance with your company’s travel policy
  • access to additional specialist groups (eg. rescue and recovery)
  • less impact on productivity
  • overall cost savings.



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