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How ‘seamless’ is academic travel?

How ‘seamless’ is academic travel?

Is academic travel still a long way from being an efficient and seamless process? In this article Campus Travel explains why it matters and what help is in sight. We often hear travel providers wanting to make the travel experience as user-friendly...Read more

The evolution emerging in university travel programs

The changing world of academic travel From mandated travel policies and technology ecosystems, to the growing appetite for more collaborative partnerships with suppliers, value-adding services and corporate practices… the university travel sector is...Read more
Hotel Westin


Insights for academics into 2017 hotel rates The Australian Hotel Outlook is mandatory reading for Campus Travel clients who would like to understand current conditions in the Australian hotel sector, anticipated rate movements in key cities, and...Read more
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Looking ahead to 2017

With 2017 tracking along at 5G speeds, it's a good time to look at what key trends will shape the year ahead in travel. From the savings implications of the global economic environment, to new airport openings and exciting developments in air travel...Read more

Travel Intuition - Staying on top of travel purchasing

Research by Campus Travel shows academia is applying smarter purchasing strategies to its travel than ever before. This behavioural shift is not only delivering cost benefits to learning organisations, but changing the way the travel industry meets...Read more

Travel InTuition - What is the value of a travel management company?

With so many different travellers on the move, it’s a challenge to strike the balance between cost efficiency and meeting the vast mix of individual travel needs.Read more

Travel Intuition - Travel intelligence in a crisis

What happens when you travel plans are unhinged by forces out of your control? It largely depends on how you make your bookings. You can either negotiate with airlines yourself, or be a ‘smart traveller’ and let your travel management company (TMC)...Read more

Travel InTuition - The true cost of web bookings

Booking your travel via the Internet can be perceived as the easiest way of making bookings and snaring the best rates. But is it really saving you? Why the web is not always ‘real’ The actual cost of making travel bookings on supplier websites can...Read more

Travel Intuition - Advance purchase buying: Pinpoint your savings

In academic travel, the emphasis is always on making the most productive use of your time and budget. Research demonstrates that one of the most effective ways of achieving this goal is by advance purchasing your airfares. By its very nature,...Read more

Travel Intuition - Why the fee saves the frustration

Time is money, so why waste it trying to research and book travel via the web. The booking fees charged by travel companies offer far greater value in return. Complete service, convenience, peace of mind and above all, the lowest travel rates...Read more

Mandating – a balance of guidelines and benefits

Mandating – a balance of guidelines and benefits In academic travel, the mere mention of “mandating” can send travellers and bookers into a spin. Yet mandating is not a dirty word. It delivers a balance by giving your people direction while allowing...Read more


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