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The value of strategic travel management for schools

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value of strategic account management

It’s not just businesses or large organisations that benefit from strategic travel management.

Schools also can achieve significant efficiencies and cost savings on their travel if they embrace a strategic approach, according to Campus Travel.

For schools that run a number of international and domestic group trips annually, there are many strategies that can be used to reduce costs, save time and provide life-changing experiences for your students.

Campus Travel has a national team of Account Managers that work with schools to continuously improve their travel performance. If you work with a dedicated academic travel specialist, your school’s decision makers will be encouraged to consider the following strategies to increase the value of your overall program:

  • financial management – balancing the school’s curriculum objectives with its financial targets and determining the appropriate cost per trip to achieve this balance
  • travel policy management – including the development of a travel policy that includes preferred booking channels and consolidates the use of preferred airlines, hotels, tour and ground transport companies. The policy should also include requirements for and procedures to support traveller safety and security.
  • implementation of travel plans – including tactical 90-day and 12-month plans that are focused on the school’s upcoming travel activities, to ensure a well-planned and cost-saving approach
  • supplier sourcing and management – strategically procuring and managing value-based relationships with travel suppliers to improve rate negotiation and reduce the average cost per trip
  • Service Level Agreements – established not only with each supplier but also between Campus Travel and the school to clearly define the expected standards of service delivery and key performance indicators
  • annual benchmarking – of the school’s travel rates and fares against those of other schools to determine rate competitiveness and opportunities for further negotiation with suppliers
  • regular reporting – to give the school complete visibility into all aspects of their travel expenditure and identify any cost ‘leakage’ outside their policy
  • quarterly reviews – of the school’s 90-day and 12-month travel plans to assess any opportunities for further improvement and savings
  • process management – streamlining the school’s end-to-end reconciliation of expenses to save time and process costs, improve expense transparency and increase traveller satisfaction
  • payments – reviewing the potential benefits of integrated payment programs that cut process costs while providing reporting that is vital to the school’s decision making.

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