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Welcome to Spotlight - our webinar series for the corporate travel sector. Our Spotlight webinars educate and inform organisations on the latest developments, trends and insights into the corporate travel sector.

Corporate travel is a feast of moving parts, which make it one of the most dynamic industries to operate in. Combined with the fact that travel is often the second or third highest category spend for a company – it is critical that your procurement department or your decision makers are across the latest trends shaping and influencing this area.

Spotlight keeps you informed on all the most important trends impacting travel programs – from technology and products to supplier partnerships, airline and hotel products, travel risk management, program strategies, policy and industry regulations. Through our webinars Campus Travel shines the spotlight on all things you need to be across!

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AI - redefining the travel experience

Our second spotlight webinar focused on articifical intelligence (AI) in the travel sector and how AI is changing and enhancing the academic travel experience as we know it. 

Held on 5 March 2019, our National Head of Account Management Renos Rologas, spoke about the key changes and benefits that AI is bringing to the travel experience for all stakeholders in the academic travel ecosystem. 

Renos also ran a brief demonstration of Savi – Campus Travel’s new online booking tool. Powered by AI, Savi brings a new level of personalisation and automation to the online experience.

Market Trends and your Travel Program - Feb 2019

With accommodation and airfare trends set to challenge corporate travel budgets in our region this year, this Spotlight webinar focused on market trends and how they could impact your travel program.

Held on 15 February 2019, this Spotlight provided an overview of what’s happening in the accommodation sector when it comes to rate movements, new properties, occupancy rates and forward predictions.

With the help of research conducted by Flight Centre Travel Group’s 4th Dimension Business Travel Consulting (4D), the webinar also delved into the airline space with a view into what the top trends are for domestic and international carriers and what corporate travellers can expect from airfares.

Jointly hosted by Campus Travel's Head of Account Management Australia, Renos Rologas and 4D’s General Manager Felicity Burke, this session is critical listening and viewing for mid to large corporate organisations and their travellers.


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