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Schools embrace travel technology

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Advances in technology are vastly enhancing the traveller experience. Travel technologies are also improving the efficiency, accuracy and cost outcomes in the way organisations including schools manage their travel.

Data from Campus Travel, Australia’s only travel management company dedicated to the academic sector, reveals that 30% of its school clients now use an online booking tool to book and pay for their professional travel. However, Campus believes that 90 – 100% of its school clients should be using an online booking tool to increase their overall travel savings.

Schools that adopt travel technologies are seeing the benefits on two levels:

  1. Technologies including a wide variety of apps, are helping reduce stress and uncertainty for travelling students and their families by enabling better preparedness for each trip and providing immediate access to key travel information, when and where they need it. Mobile travel applications are allowing students to navigate and explore new places more easily. With destination or language information sitting in the palm of their hands, students’ travel experiences are now more about ‘depth’ rather than ‘breadth’.

  2. In terms of staff travelling for professional development, technology is streamlining travel approvals and bookings, trip preparation and expense management. Finance staff are using travel technology to leverage reporting and increase the overall visibility into their school's expenditure on travel.

Campus Travel’s technology suite gives schools access to a complete range of tools including:

  • Campus Travel Hub – an online portal for school staff to source important travel information such as contacts and information on visas or school travel policies, log in to their online booking tool (OBT) or reprint itineraries and invoices
  • Campus Travel Online – online booking tools that give schools access to discounted academic travel rates or the school’s specially negotiated rates and fares
  • Campus Pre-trip – online tools and pre-trip approval modules that make the travel approval process quick and easy
  • Campus Mobile – mobile apps to help staff manage their flight bookings on the go, including the ability to check-in, change flights, receive alerts for flight delays, view itineraries and access destination information (app available for individual travel not group trips)
  • Campus Validate – online solutions that automate and integrate the payment and reconciliation process for complete efficiency
  • Campus Intelligence – travel reporting that provides more insight into a school’s travel spend, data and activity for in-depth analysis and data analytics.

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