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Research projects get funding boost

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Many in the Australian research community would have started the new fiscal year feeling confident following news that 258 new research projects attracted Federal Government funding. Announced recently, the government has committed $163 million to researchers from 31 universities across the country. By partnering with industry and business, the researchers - who represent some of the brightest minds in the country, will be addressing a range of real-world issues including infrastructure, health and cybersecurity.

Ultimately the aim of the research is to improve the lives of Australians through innovation and breakthroughs in areas such as identify theft, disease strains and farming crop yields. The research grants funded through the Australian Research Council (ARC), include –

  • 16 new Fellowships worth $44.1m under the Australian Laureate Fellowships scheme
  • 231 new research projects worth $81.2m under the Linkage Projects scheme
  • 5 new hubs worth $15.7m under the Industrial Transformation Research Hubs scheme
  • 6 new centres worth $22m under the Industrial Transformation Training Centres scheme. 

By encouraging collaboration with partner organisations and industry, it is hoped the research and world-leading thinking will be more responsive to the needs and priorities of both society and the economy.



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