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The importance of booking with a school group travel specialist

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Since its inception, Campus Travel has won widespread recognition and support for the way it simplifies and provides essential reassurance for school leaders organising group trips.

Teachers that book through an accredited, academic travel specialist can be secure knowing their travel partner:

  • Understands and facilitates the needs of educational travel
  • Manages safety effectively
  • Offers fair terms and conditions, and the best financial security
  • Is fully inspected every year by independent experts

Drawing on almost 20 years of experience with hundreds of primary and secondary schools Australia wide, Campus Travel can provide the complete range of school travel management services while cutting trip costs and giving students and their families peace of mind.

For schools that undertake a substantial amount of school travel it’s important to have access to travel reporting, technology, strategic advice, personal service as well as itineraries that will leave a lasting impression on students for all the right reasons.

Schools who book group trips through Campus Travel benefit from:

  • the support of a dedicated and trusted group travel team who are experienced in school travel and can organise all types of trips, from music performances to specialised language tours, home stays, space camps and more
  • seamless end-to-end management of group travel, including the planning of itineraries, bookings, insurances, excess baggage, coordination of all travel suppliers, expense management and reporting
  • traveller safety and security, including the coordination of traveller tracking in an emergencygroup discounts and deals available only through Campus Travel and its preferred suppliers
  • substantial time savings, with Campus Travel managing all aspects of the trip on the school’s behalf

To learn more about Campus Travel's dedicated group travel service contact the Group Travel Team on 1300 724 349 or email




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