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Homework - one teacher takes a stand.

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Homework ban

Many a family argument can be blamed on the subject of homework? Too much? Too little? Or it’s just not completed? The debate has raged for as long as children have attended school, however the pressure and workload facing many students seems to have ramped up over the past decade.
But when one teacher in the United States recently announced she was banning homework for the coming year, she had no idea of the reaction she would get. Parents were overwhelming positive after the teacher issued a letter saying that no formally assigned homework would be given to students. Instead she suggested that families have dinner together, read together and play together outside. Her simple letter was shared on social media by supportive parents tens of thousands of times.
Homework has always been a contentious issue with both schools and families. Much research has been focused on whether it actually improves academic performance, with different studies showing both positive and negative outcomes. Revision before an exam did prove to help older students in high school, however daily homework for the youngest students seemed to have little impact.
But whether this is the start of a new trend – we will have to wait to see. Our prediction? The homework debate will continue to play out between individual parents, teachers, schools and students for many years to come.


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