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Does your travel insurance offer adequate cover?

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Schools organising group trips for their students can risk compromising their duty of care and leave parents or the school with hefty travel bills if students don’t have adequate travel insurance, according to academic travel management specialist Campus Travel.

The academic travel company says teachers organising school tours should talk to an experienced travel provider about the level of cover associated with different insurance policies.

Campus Travel recommends a group travel policy with unlimited cover for medical and dental, issued through a single travel company or travel insurance policy provider.

Campus Travel offers schools policies through respected travel insurance specialist, Covermore. Covermore’s group travel insurance policy provides:

  • peace of mind for the school and parents that all travelling students are adequately covered
  • uncapped cover for key elements such as dental and medical care
  • the same type and level of cover for every member of the group
  • the ability to include pre-existing medical conditions for individual travellers on the group policy
  • the same policy number and emergency contact numbers for all travellers in the group
  • fast and knowledgeable emergency support if required
  • a 10% discount on the policy, included in the cost of the school trip (if booked through Campus Travel) to save parents the hassle of sourcing and paying for travel insurance separately
  • flexibility for the school to decide which excess and premium level is most suitable
  • seamless customer service overall, with Campus Travel’s dedicated travel consultant being the first point of contact for the school and managing all liaison with Covermore.

Campus Travel’s Group Travel Team Leader Kylie Mooney said schools needed to be aware of any exceptions to their travel policies. “For example, the Covermore policy has caps on the number of people it will cover in groups and these numbers vary from region to region. The group cap is 40 people for travel to the USA; 60 people for the UK, Europe and Asia; 80 people for South East Asia; and 100 people for New Zealand. However, schools can organise multiple group policies if their numbers exceed these caps, and there is no cap on group numbers for domestic trips.”

Kylie said that when travelling, it was important that the tour leader carried all policy numbers and emergency contact details for Campus Travel and the travel insurance company. She added that all students in the group should be provided with these details and that each student should keep this information on them at all times in case they become separated from the group.

For further details contact Campus Travel’s Group Travel Team on 1300 724 349 or email



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