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Do you have complete visibility of your school's travel activity and spend?

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achieve full visibility of your travel spend

How much visibility does your school have into what it spends on travel each year or for the past few years?

For example, do you know how many different travel suppliers you are using, or the volume of hotel nights or air tickets you have purchased in the past 12 months? Do you know how your travel prices compare with tickets and rates purchased by other schools of a similar size? Are you spending more or less on travel year to year? What additonal value are you receiving for your spend on travel?

If you can't answer some of these questions it may be worth talking to a specialist in academic travel management!

Every travel booking contributes to a bank of data that can help schools make better decisions about their travel management and purchasing. Schools that run regular group trips annually should have complete insight into their booking data to understand their overall travel behaviour, cost and performance. This insight is provided only through regular and detailed travel reporting.

Schools should seek to partner with travel management companies that can customise reporting to meet their specific needs, and provide consolidated information including:

  • volume of the school’s bookings and expenditure as a whole, and from month-to-month and year-to-year
  • benchmarking of the school’s rates and fares against those achieved by other schools and educational organisations
  • bookings and expenditure with individual travel suppliers, to determine which suppliers are being used by the school most often and whether there is an opportunity to re-negotiate with those suppliers based on higher volumes
  • expenditure by each of the school’s travelling staff, if required
  • exception reporting on any bookings made outside the school’s travel policy

Campus Travel offers reporting services that give schools full visibility into their travel spend, data and activity to enable in-depth analysis and improved decision making.

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