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Born to ride

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Jetlagged, running late or just tired of dragging your luggage around? Now you can purchase a carry on bag that carries you! MODOBAG is the world’s first motorised carry-on luggage. The advanced design makes getting around a lot of fun, while incorporating some seriously convenient features. The rideable luggage incorporates telescopic handlebars, fold out foot pegs, a crush proof laptop compartment, dual USB charging ports, quick stow pockets and a comfortable memory foam seat.

The luggage is powered by an electric battery (which can be fully charged in 3 hours), with a top speed of 12 kms and a range of around 9.6 km. The manufacturer claims that it will get you to your destination three times faster that walking. For those who want even more gadgetry – there is an optional App offering GPS real-time tracking, proximity alerts, geofencing and travel history.

The developers are hoping to launch the MODOBAG on to the market later this year in the United States spring. And the price? Well, that’s still to be determined!



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