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Smart move from Emirates for Cambridge travellers

Just in, is some great news for academic travellers heading to Cambridge University, destinations in north London, as well as the wider regions of England’s South East and the Midlands. From 8 June 2018, Emirates will commence flying daily direct...Read more

Empowering women for success

In the corporate sector women currently hold a mere 5.2% of CEO positions in S&P 500 companies# and the number of women on boards of ASX 200 companies last year was just 25.4%*. Despite these underwhelming statistics there are many private,...Read more

2018 Australian of the Year Awards

Campus Travel would like to congratulate all of the 2018 Australian of the Year Award recipients. This year’s winners included: Australian of the Year: Professor Michelle Yvonne Simmons (University of NSW) Australia’s Local Hero: Eddie Woo (...Read more

On time, or in a holding pattern? Airlines you can rely on.

(Prefer visuals? Find story infographic here ) There’s nothing more infuriating than rushing to the airport, only to find your flight has been delayed. But whether it's a carrier safety issue, an operational blip or technology meltdown that's...Read more

Unravelling the science of science communication

Do you trust what you read on social media? Can you rely on the credibility of online science information? These are questions that first troubled PhD candidate Yi-Ling Hwong when she was working at the European Organisation for Nuclear Research in...Read more

USA Visa Update

An updated version of the USA President’s executive order relating to a travel ban was upheld by the Supreme Court on 4 December 2017. There have been numerous changes to the previous executive order. The current order includes restrictions on...Read more
Naomi Paxton

Medical engineering researcher awarded STEM Travel Grant

The successful recipient of Campus Travel and Virgin Australia’s Travel Grant: Recognising women in STEM is a PhD student working in a research field that interfaces medical engineering, biology and tissue engineering. Queensland University of...Read more

Stay on campus and save

Whether you’re travelling for work, study, research or sport, staying on a university campus in student village accommodation is a convenient, fun and affordable option. Campus Travel has partnered with Campus Living Villages to bring you a unique...Read more

New security measures for USA travellers

In July 2017 the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) announced the introduction of enhanced security screening for people travelling to the United States Since then, the following changes...Read more

STEAMpunk girls to rule the world

Just as punk music challenged the status quo when it first emerged, STEAMpunk Girls is a movement challenging stereotypes. An initiative of the Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Creative Intelligence Unit at the University of Technology Sydney, the...Read more

Creating a better environment through STEM

Many women in STEM know what it feels like to be in the minority and for Shahjadi Hisan Farjana this is certainly the case. Studying engineering in Bangladesh she was one of only eight women in a cohort of 112 men. However Farjana (her preferred...Read more


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