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Australian students head overseas

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Australian students seek overseas study experience

The number of students studying abroad as part of their Australian university degree has grown fourfold over the past decade, amid high satisfaction ratings for overseas study programs.

In 2014, more than 30,000 students studied, worked or volunteered in another country as part of their Australian degree. This was up from 7,000 in 2005.

A national student survey and three new reports published by Universities Australia, indicate the growth in student numbers has been accompanied by strong student satisfaction.

The results of the survey of more than 8,000 students, conducted as part of the World Class campaign, found that students see overseas study as an opportunity to challenge themselves, enhance their future job prospects, build new networks and gain independence.

Nearly half of the students surveyed (48 per cent) were actively considering studying abroad as part of a university degree.

Awareness about the programs that enable students to study abroad is also increasing. Familiarity with the New Colombo Plan has risen from very little when it began in 2014 to one in four Australian students now being aware of the scheme.

Universities Australia’s Chief Executive Belinda Robinson said the growing awareness and participation in overseas study programs was paying dividends, with more and more students reaping the benefits of overseas study and exchange programs.

“For Australian students applying to study abroad, the most popular destinations were the United Kingdom (18 per cent), the United States (18 per cent) Canada (9 per cent), Germany (6 per cent), France (5 per cent) and Japan (5 per cent),” she said.




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