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Are you changing the world with your academic travel?

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change the world with academic travel

Itineraries for school group trips are stepping into a new realm. Where student travel has traditionally focused on providing learning opportunities abroad, the emphasis is now shifting to more dynamic itineraries designed to inspire lifelong passions that will help shape the world. Many school travel coordinators are also looking for itineraries that enable students and the school to give back to the local communities they are visiting.

Various travel studies have demonstrated that school students who participate in educational trips:

  • are more likely to be academically and financially successful
  • feel a stronger connection with the world and the issues experienced by other cultures
  • become more intellectually curious as a whole
  • enjoy a lasting impact from the local culture they experience on their trips.

Today’s itineraries not only focus on enhancing students’ learning and development, but also seek to provide unique experiences that challenge and inspire students to greater ideas and aspirations throughout their lives. Schools need to ensure their itineraries are carefully planned and customised for the travelling students, to:

  • provide a broader scope that extends beyond the main learning, cultural, sporting or music event to give the students greater cultural awareness and ‘real-life’ experiences in the places they are visiting
  • feature a diversity of activities that ensure the trip leaves a lasting impression and inspires long-term interest in learning and development. These include opportunities to participate in exciting local activities and cultural events, to explore places and landscapes that are unique, and to spend time with and learn from students and other people in the local communities being visited
  • allows the students to gain a clear understanding of the local culture and customs in a safe and supported environment.

Campus Travel can help schools develop unique itineraries for both domestic and international trips. Our Group Travel team has put together a broad selection of tours including:

  • Civics and citizenship education tours to Canberra (Including the Parliament and Civics Education Rebate)
  • Sports tours for volleyball, cricket, hockey, basketball, AFL, soccer, water polo or netball
  • Ski tours (domestic and international)
  • Cultural immersive itineraries (China Culture Tour, French Language Tour, Europe Arts and Culture Tour, Drama Tour, USA space Camp, USA Commerce and Business Studies Tour)
  • Volunteer and charity based itineraries

Campus Travel can assist schools with the design and planning of every element of a group itinerary including:

  • flights and connections, at times that are more suitable for youth and consider the need to minimise issues such as jet lag
  • group transfers between airports and hotels
  • accommodation and pre-arranged meals
  • ground transport to all events, sporting matches and attractions
  • organisation of training sessions and match fixtures if required
  • city tours, sightseeing and visits to local attractions
  • suggested options for extension activities e.g. should students’ families wish to join them at the end of the school trip for additional sightseeing or travel
  • administration, planning and coordination of all details.

 To learn more about Campus Travel’s group travel services or itineraries, contact the Group Travel Team on 1300 724 349 or email



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