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Wesley College Case Study

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In 2011 Wesley College undertook an organisation-wide program of supplier rationalisation, which included streamlining travel. The objective was to ensure the College had access to the best possible prices and centralised travel management that could deliver greater time and cost efficiencies. Campus Travel's multiple product platforms, technology and management information reporting tool have been key to the success of the partnership with the College.

Situation Analysis

Earlier on in the relationship, Wesley College commenced a pilot with Campus Travel for their Fitzroy Crossing group travel requirements in March, 2011. Prior to this however, teachers had been using multiple travel agencies to book their trips. Significant time was being spent by staff utilising the services of different travel providers and by the College's finance division, which had to reconcile invoices from different providers.

Wesley College recognised that by using multiple agencies, it was missing out on the many cost and time benefits of having a travel program in place that was centrally coordinated by a single travel management company.

Wesley College's objectives

Through the supplier rationalisation process and subsequent travel program consolidation with Campus Travel, Wesley College sought to:

  • access lowest fares and rates

  • leverage travel volume for supplier discounts

  • save time on the organisation and management of travel

  • streamline the booking and approval process

  • increase visibility of spend across divisions

  • simplify the expense management process

  • enhance its duty of care processes.

How the partnership between Wesley College and Campus Travel developed

The Yiramalay/Wesley Studio School

In March 2011, Wesley College started a travel pilot program where Campus Travel was appointed to oversee the travel requirements for the Yiramalay/Wesley Studio School. The program involved managing student and staff group travel between Melbourne and Fitzroy Crossing, in the Kimberley in Western Australia.

The Yiramalay/Wesley Studio School is the result of a partnership between the Wesley College community in Melbourne and the Aboriginal people of the Fitzroy Valley Community. The school was initiated to expand the learning and development opportunities for the families and children of both communities.

Campus Travel manages the often complex requirements for these groups including the flights for students and staff, the coordination of specialised ground transportation in this remote region of the Kimberley, special accommodation requirements for individual students, as well as the transportation of additional equipment and supplies where required.

Student tours and group travel

Upon the successful completion of the pilot, Campus Travel was then asked to oversee the management of Wesley's various group programs. During 2012, these group trips visited a range of destinations including regional Victoria, interstate and international destinations with each group having individual requirements and varying levels of complexities. Wesley College and Campus Travel worked collaboratively during the implementation period to establish the foundation for a smooth group booking process.

Tailored travel solutions

Preferred airline agreements

Campus Travel has successfully negotiated and implemented a Qantas domestic group fare agreement, which includes ‘valueadds' not normally available for group travel. Campus Travel is also assisting Wesley College to secure a preferred airline agreement with Singapore Airlines.

Additional travel assistance

Campus Travel has helped Wesley College to save on its group travel by negotiating special waivers and favours for some trips. This includes excess baggage waivers wherever possible.

Travel request approval support

Campus Travel also closely monitors Wesley College's bookings to ensure they are within College policy. As part of this, if Campus Travel receives requests for quotes or bookings to destinations that may be considered unsuitable or high-risk, they are flagged with the College to ensure they do not contravene the academic organisation's insurance policy.

Information seminars

For 2013, Campus Travel has planned a series of pre-trip seminars at each Wesley College campus, to provide all tour organisers a comprehensive overview of the services that Campus Travel is able to offer Wesley College. The College will also provide information on their internal processes and requirements.

Partnership outcomes

By implementing a transparent costing model, Wesley College gained confidence in Campus Travel's ability to provide competitive pricing. Following the consolidation of travel services with Campus Travel, the College was spending significantly less time organising and managing its trips.

Additionally the College's finance division has reported timesavings after dropping to one payment cycle and reducing the administrational load by working with a single travel provider rather than multiple travel agencies. The ability to access an online booking tool also provided further savings opportunities for Wesley College.

Wesley gained greater visibility of all travel-related spend via Campus Travel's Management Information Reporting tool and they also improved their duty of care processes with Campus Travel's crisis management reporting. These reports ensure Wesley College has immediate access to the booking details of all student and staff travel for improved traveller safety.


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