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Centre for Continuing Education Case Study

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Campus Travel has been working with the Centre for Continuing Education (CCE) for almost a decade. During that time the organisations have developed a mutually beneficially partnership that provides CCE with competitive airfares and a 24-hour emergency support network for its travellers.

Who is CCE?

CCE is attached to the University of Sydney and offers to the public a range of educational and bridging courses, customised learning programs for organisations and study tours. The centre is well known for its innovative study tours which are specially designed and led by enthusiastic field experts. Travellers are assured of a travel and learning experience far beyond the usual tourist trails.

What services does Campus Travel provide?

Campus Travel provides expert advice, comprehensive travel insurance, airfare bookings and any pre or post accommodation for CCE travellers. Campus Travel also provides regular reporting and analysis on CCE's travel spend.

What does CCE say about the partnership?

"CCE and Campus Travel have developed a mutually beneficial relationship. Campus Travel provides us with prompt service and expert travel information and advice. We run specialised study tours to unusual or unique destinations and this requires our travel management company to be experienced, have good supplier relationships and have a reliable 24-hour emergency network set up - which is why Campus Travel is our smart choice."

Looking ahead for CCE

Upcoming tours for CCE include a 19-day journey through India. This experience will peel back the layers of India's deep spiritual history and explore sacred landscapes where prehistoric cave art mixes with breathtaking masterpieces such as the cave temples of Ellora, the Classical painted galleries of Ajanta and the erotic temples of Khajuraho. CCE is also running a photographic safari through Zanzibar March 8-25, 2010, which combines sightseeing, photography and expert intuition for people to capture on film the beauty of Africa.

Advice from the field

Mark Lalor is CCE's study tour program manager. Mark is responsible for creating the centre's annual travel program, coordinating new tours, tour group bookings, organising experts for each tour and program marketing.

1. A study tour is successful when...
Our clients feel they've truly experienced the destination, not just visited it.

2. Top tip for CCE travellers?
As many of our tours travel to unusual Middle Eastern destinations - our travellers must have a valid passport devoid of any visas or stamps that could cause a problem at the border.

3. Biggest challenge for our industry is?
Making the public aware of how unique our tours are compared to others.

4. Best way to prepare for a study tour?
Attend a relevant short course at the Centre for Continuing Education prior to the tour and talk to our friendly staff in Study Tours.

5. My favourite study tour destination...
Anywhere off the beaten track and undiscovered, like most of the Middle East or Africa. These places are unique, steeped in history and often mystery.


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