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STEAMpunk girls to rule the world

Just as punk music challenged the status quo when it first emerged, STEAMpunk Girls is a movement challenging stereotypes. An initiative of the Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Creative Intelligence Unit at the University of Technology Sydney, the...Read more

Creating a better environment through STEM

Many women in STEM know what it feels like to be in the minority and for Shahjadi Hisan Farjana this is certainly the case. Studying engineering in Bangladesh she was one of only eight women in a cohort of 112 men. However Farjana (her preferred...Read more

USA travel restrictions renewed

A revised travel ban for entry into the USA will be introduced 18 October 2017. The restrictions include citizens from additional countries. Certain citizens from Chad, Iran, Libya, North Korea, Somalia, Syria, Venezuela and Yemen will be banned...Read more
Hayley S

STEM takes Hayley from rural SA to global discovery

The sleepy rural town of Sedan north of Adelaide is about as far away as you can get from the cutting edge world of hybrid drug delivery research. With a population of around 150 people it is here that PhD student and researcher Hayley Schultz grew...Read more

Avocado research set to smash global shortage

Avocado lovers can rest easy knowing that Queensland-based PhD student Jayeni Hiti Bandaralage has discovered a micropropagation method set to revolutionise plant supply. Having completed an Honours Degree in Plant Biotechnology, Jayeni is pursuing...Read more

The secret life of waves

Next time you are looking at the ocean, you might want to consider the fact that for some people every wave tells a story. Just ask PhD student, and 2017 STEM Travel Grant applicant, Elmira Fadaeiazar. With a mechanical engineering degree under her...Read more

World’s Biggest Hamper Pack Challenge

Campus Travel along with all the businesses under the Flight Centre Travel Group umbrella are attempting to set a world record as part of the World’s Biggest Hamper Pack Challenge. As part of this, the Flight Centre Foundation has partnered with...Read more

T cell research holds key to understanding rare disease

For Jenee Mitchell a love of high school biology led to her pursuing a STEM career, almost 10 years later. After aspiring to a career in medical/immunology research, she completed a Bachelor Degree in Applied Science (Hons) at Federation University...Read more
Travel grant


Campus Travel and Virgin Australia partner to launch new travel grant for women in STEM Female academics and university employees working in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) are being recognised as part of a new...Read more
airport security

Heightened security at airports

The Australian Government has introduced additional aviation security measures at international and domestic terminals at Australia's major airports, following the discovery of an alleged terror plot involving a plane on a domestic service, over the...Read more
Airport security

Tighter security controls for USA travellers

The United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS) along with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) have announced that in the coming weeks travellers to the US will experience increased security measures. The new protocols will...Read more


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