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Our team of travel specialists understand the unique challenges and requirements of academic travel.

Travel Grant Series 2017
Naomi Paxton a PhD student studying biofabrication at QUT, is the successful recipient of the Travel Grant Series 2017 - Recognising women in STEM. Naomi is focused on printing 3D parts that one day will be implanted in a patient’s body to act as a bone 'scaffold'.


If you work in the academic sector you have access to special industry airfares. Plus if you book your airfares through Campus Travel, our specialist academic consultants will use multiple sources to find the best value ticket for your travel.

Group travel and events

Campus Travel has a dedicated team of group travel specialists that can expertly manage all your group travel requests and charter requirements. Campus Travel’s groups team has the proven ability to handle a wide range of group travel requirements.

Travel Technology

Campus Travel works with multiple technology providers and solutions to meet the needs of our university and mid-to-large market academic clients. While some clients prefer a single end-to-end solution others require bespoke platforms.
University travel programs we have consolidated in the past 3 years
Australian universities are partnered with Campus Travel.
Why book through Campus Travel?
We are the only travel provider in Australia that is wholly dedicated to supporting university travellers and managing university travel programs. We are also the # 1 travel specialist in managing travel for the academic sector. Our team has an in-depth understanding of the unique challenges of academic travel, which means you’ll always receive expert advice and service.


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